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On-site programs are 30 to 60 minutes in length, depending upon the group's needs or preferences, and occur indoors unless otherwise indicated. However, when possible, programs are held outdoors. Related, interactive group activities may be incorporated into these programs as time and group size allow. Program content is always adapted to the audience needs and learning level.

Wolfology - Meet the Pack (30 minute minimum)
Meet our ambassador wolves and learn about their physical and social adaptations through lecture, discussion and hands-on artifacts. This is a perfect program for the group that is visiting the Center for the first time or hasn't been to the Center in a while. This program is also offered to the public on a regular schedule when the Center is open. Check with us to see if it can be incorporated into your group package without an additional fee.

Wolf Speak (30 minute minimum)
Learning wolf language is easy when students discover that communication flows through many channels. This interpretive program describes the ways that wolves communicate with other wolves to maintain pack structure, protect resources and hunt for food. Videos and audio clips compliment the imagery of the interpretive program.

Wolf Physical Adaptations (30 minute minimum)
Adaptations are tools that animals and plants have to help them survive in an outdoor environment. Unlike humans, animals must rely on the tools they are born with such as teeth, big feet or thick fur. Learn how a wolf is adapted to its role as a predator in the northern forest during this sometimes silly interactive program which features an adaptation "dress up" activity.

Minnesota Wolf Research (60 minute minimum, outdoor component)
Wolves have always been present on the landscape in northeastern Minnesota. How long have people been studying them? Discover the tools and techniques that have been used to study wolves from the 1930s to today. A discussion on the use of tracking, observation, data collection and radio telemetry for wolf research is followed by a demonstration and practice with radio telemetry tools (radio collar, receiver and antenna) outdoors on Center property.

Radio telemetry equipment should not affect implanted pacemaker devices. If you have a concern, please contact the manufacturer of your device for confirmation. The output of our telemetry devices is less than 10mw.

Advanced Radio Telemetry
Is your group familiar with wolf research concepts and interested in application? Add a Wolf Research Field Trip or Aerial Telemetry Flight to your visit!

Wolf Recovery & Management (60 minute minimum)
There was a time when wolves roamed half the globe, but now their range is dramatically reduced. What are the factors that have influenced wolf populations past and present? Discuss the role that humans play in wolf recovery and survival and challenge yourself to tackle some hard to answer questions about wolf management in a decision-making role-play activity or group discussion. Program delivery and activities vary greatly based on the audience and learning level or interests of the group.

Wolf Folklore (30 minute minimum)
Wolves are found on several continents and in a variety of habitats. Learn where wolves may be found around the globe and how they have adapted to diverse habitats through imagery and discussion.

Wolves of the World (30 minute minimum)
Wolves are found on several continents and in a variety of habitats. Learn where wolves may be found around the globe and how they have adapted to diverse habitats through imagery and discussion.

Wolf Bingo or Wolf Jeopardy (30 minute minimum)
Here's the perfect activity to round out your visit to the International Wolf Center and to test your knowledge after a class unit on wolves. Each activity features wolf trivia and a little friendly competition. Wolf Bingo is suitable for children in grades K-4 whereas Wolf Jeopardy is appropriate for participants aged ten and up.

Northwoods Ecology (30 minute minimum)
From towering pines to tiny mosses, the northern forest of Minnesota scrapes its living from the glacial till. Held outdoors when possible, this program looks at the flora and fauna of the coniferous biome of Minnesota which is home to the majority of the state's wolf population. When held indoors, imagery, artifacts and discussion are used. When outdoors, the program will be taught using artifacts and flora on the property. You may add a short (25-minute) hike to the program.

Gray Wolf Ecology (45 minute minimum)
Ideal for groups that are already familiar with the International Wolf Center and would like a more in depth program about wolves. This program includes physical and social adaptations in greater detail, the wolf's role as a top-level predator in trophic cascades in ecosystems, current management issues, and human impacts on wolf survival.

Hunting and Feeding Behavior (30 minute minimum)
This program addresses the wolf's predatory role in nature and is a great substitute if you are unable to attend the weekly feeding of our ambassador wolves held on Saturday evenings. Learn about wolf adaptations and strategies for hunting prey through imagery, discussion and optional outdoor activities.

Habitat Hike (30 minute minimum, held outdoors)
Using an on-site nature trail, see, hear and smell the flora and fauna of the wolf's northern forest habitat on this guided walk. Discuss the various habitat needs of the wolf and its prey as well as the complex relationship between them. Includes light hiking on uneven natural trails for less than one mile.

Night Hike (30 minute minimum, held outdoors)
Have you ever wondered how wolves and other wildlife experience the night or what types of tools they have to be active in the dark? Explore the unique adaptations of nocturnal creatures through activities and a guided hike using an on-site trail. Includes light hiking on uneven natural trails for less than one mile in the dark. This program is not available June through August due to the length of daylight.

Do you have questions about program content? Email us.