Wolf Media

Ambassador Wolves


    May - 2021


This male pup was originally nicknamed Bolts for his characteristic of bolting through the wolf yard and open gates to gain access to the shared fence line with Aidan and Denali. He is approximately 8 days older than Luna, so his skills and abilities were more enhanced. A Name the Pup contest suggested a spelling change for his name and it received the most votes out of four choices. Wolf Care Staff were happy with the results since it really fit his personality. Boltz is representative of the Great Plains subspecies, and joined the Exhibit Pack on July 30th, 2012. His willingness to submit to Oscar the dog all summer was a real benefit when he met Aidan and Denali. He knew exactly how to greet an adult canid and was easily accepted by the adults because he approached with a submissive posture and rolled over whenever the adults approached. This is a good behavior for a male pup who is joining the rank order of the two adult males.

For more information on our ambassador wolves, watch extended wolf videos on the International Wolf Center's YouTube Channel or enjoy a close-up of wolf behavior on our Wolf Watch Cams.