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Nyssa was a black color-phase female born on May 12, 2004 and was tragically lost on May 11, 2005. When staff began bottle-feeding Nyssa, her younger age and smaller body size led staff to be very protective of this little pup. Care and efforts were effective as Nyssa grew into a very independent, muscular wolf. Her medical exams on May 6th showed her weight at 95 lbs, compared to Maya's 79.5 lbs. Nyssa will be most remembered by her intense behavior during the Center's feeding program. Nyssa dominated the carcass, not only showing dominance to her fellow pups, but lunging with full-teeth barred to the arctics as well.

If you're interested in reading Nyssa's past logs, select a Month from the drop-down menus on the left of this page under Archives. You can read all of the Nanny notes from the summer of 2004, "The Summer of Pups".

Nyssa's death was a tragic loss. Amid deeply felt emotions, Center staff and board members conducted a rigorous external review of the Center's wolf management practices. The review helped clarify what might have contributed to Nyssa's death. The recommendations of the outside reviewers are, in part, a way to create meaning from the loss.

For those of you who would like to honor Nyssa, please consider a gift to the Wolf Care Fund in her memory. This fund goes directly to the continued care of current and future wolf pack mates.