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Wolf Discovery Kit

Explore the world of wolves in your own classroom! Wolf Discovery Kits are filled with a variety of specimens, books, videos and activities providing resources for students to conduct inquiry-based learning. Whether teaching about predator-prey relationships, using science notebooks, researching and writing reports, measuring and weighing, or comparing fact versus fiction in literature this box is for you. Students will gain an interdisciplinary picture of the complex issues surrounding wolf survival and will be able to make informed decisions about the wolf's role in an ecosystem. The many books and videos spark investigative learning and challenge students of all levels to analyze complex information. Real artifacts, including a wolf pelt, radio collar, deer antler, and wolf and prey skulls add a tactile component giving students hands-on opportunities to examine and compare specimens.

NEW! Supplemental kits are also available for students Kindergarten through third grade and fourth through sixth grade that include additional resources at appropriate reading levels. To find out how to prepare for the box before it arrives and how to continue learning afterwards please check out the Wolf Loan Box Teacher Page.

Please note: Contents of boxes may vary slightly.
  • Wolf Pelt
  • Wolf Skull
  • Coyote Skull
  • Beaver skull
  • Moose Jaw Bone
  • Deer Jaw Bone
  • Deer Leg
  • Deer Antler
  • Wolf Scat
  • Herbivore Scat
  • Red and Gray Wolf Tracks
  • Wolf Claw
  • Wolf Paw Rubber Stamp
  • Radio Collar
  • Wolf Photos
  • Mapping Activity
  • Field Guides
  • Magnifying Glasses
  • Teacher's Guides
  • Books
  • Wolf Howl CD
  • Videos and DVD's

    The Wolf Loan Box costs $75 for a two-week period. This price includes shipping to your school or business. You are responsible for paying the return shipping expenses, which will vary depending on your location. Payment by check or credit card is required for all Wolf Loan Boxes prior to shipment. Please allow 10-14 days to process your payment. Reserving your box well ahead of time will help assure that your preferred dates will be available.

    To avoid additional charges when renting a Wolf Loan Box, please check its contents upon arrival and notify us immediately of any damages that may have occurred during shipping. Our agreement is to return all items in the same condition as received. You will be billed for any lost or damaged items up to the replacement box value of $1,500.

    Remember to indicate which FREE supplemental kit you want added to your Wolf Loan Box.

    Please note: A Wolf Loan Box can only be shipped within the continental United States.

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