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Connecting People with Wolves Using Technology

Take your students on a trip to the International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota without setting foot outside your own classroom! Using the latest technology, we offer engaging WolfLink programs for a variety of audiences via two-way videoconferencing.


  • Programs feature live wolves in their naturalized habitat
  • Programs meet state and national education standards
  • Wolf experts develop the lesson plans and engage students in lively presentations, activities, and discussions
  • Programs include interdisciplinary material

For more information, email or call 218-365-4695, ext. 33.

Interested in a custom program? Please contact us for a price quote.

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WOLF 101
Audience: All Ages
My, what big ears you have! Join us as we look at the physical and social adaptations wolves use to survive in their environment. Students will be given an opportunity to observe our ambassador wolves utilizing these amazing tools before designing and creating their own imaginary animal.
Cost: $120
Length: 45 - 60 minutes

Audience: Grades 4 and up
Did you know you can track wolves right in your own classroom? Join the International Wolf Center staff as we learn how to track animals and use radio telemetry to specifically locate collared wolves in the wild. Then, try your hand at tracking wolves using our Wolf Tracking Kit and analyze the data together with a wolf expert.
Cost: $150 Includes Wolf Tracking Kit.
Length: 45 - 60 minutes

Audience: Grades 1 - 5
Who's afraid of the "big, bad wolf"? In this interactive program, students explore the influential role that literature plays forming our views and attitudes towards wildlife. We compare and contrast two folk stories in which the wolf is a main character, then compare literary portrayals of wolves with the real thing!
Cost: $120
Length: 45 - 60 minutes

Audience: Grades 3 - 7
Explore the world of the wolf! Using the wolf as a fascinating case study, students examine the important roles that predators, prey and scavengers play in three ecosystems where wolves live. Through an interactive simulation we will demonstrate the way energy and nutrients flow through an ecosystem.
Cost: $120
Length: 45 - 60 minutes

PUP 101
Audience: All Ages
Journey with the International Wolf Center pups during their first year of life via video and audio recordings. Students will participate in interactive discussions regarding the stages of wolf development and construct blueprints of their "ideal" wolf den. See live footage of the pups practicing their instinctive behaviors within the hierarchy of the International Wolf Center ambassador wolves!
Cost: $120
Length: 45-60 minutes

Teachers, Curriculum Directors, School Administrators, Librarians
Dial in to the International Wolf Center's WolfLink offerings! Let our educators provide a brief overview of our interactive programs, our organization's mission, and our charismatic resident ambassador wolves. We'll answer your questions and discuss how our programs fit or can be adapted to your needs.
Cost: FREE
Length: 15-30 minutes

Additional program options:
  • 30-minute program options available for K - 1st grade. Cost: $70
  • Add a Wolf Discovery Kit to your program for an additional $50.
Class sizes:
  • Maximum of 40 students per participating class
  • Add $60 to program fee for each additional participating class in a 60-minute program
  • Add $35 to program fee for each additional participating class in a 30-minute program
Technical details:
  • ISDN (H.320), IP (H.323) or E164 connection capability
  • Point-to-point and multi-point connections are available
  • Recording of programs not permitted
  • Not sure your classroom can connect with our programs? Check with your technology coordinator!

What people are saying about International Wolf Center WolfLink programs…

  • "Your presentation to our students, principals and board members this morning was outstanding! This was our first virtual tour and we were extremely impressed. I am a former elementary teacher and you did a superb job of getting the students involved in the tour, demonstrating enthusiasm, and giving them a strong knowledge base about wolves. In short…you were fantastic in your presentation and that is what made this virtual tour a great starting point for our school district." Tom Collins, superintendent, Hastings Public Schools
  • "I would recommend the Wolf Ecology program to others in my district because it fits right in with our current science unit. Students remained engaged throughout the program. This was very appropriate for 5th grade science, and seeing and hearing live wolves is a great experience for students." -Horseheads Central School, Horseheads Central School

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