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Mexico at a glance

Wolves once roamed over much of what we now know as Mexico until extirmination efforts successfully removed the wolf.  No reliable sighting of a wild Mexican wolf has been reported since the last five individuals were captured and placed in a captive breeding program in Arizona in 1980. However, there is a possibility that a few naturally occurring wild wolves persisted.

Five Mexican gray wolves were reintroduced by Mexican wildlife officials into an undisclosed area of Sonora, Mexico in October 2011. Unfortunately, four were illegally killed by humans.

The only other known wild population of Mexican wolves are found in the United States in limited areas of Arizona and New Mexico, where they were also reintroduced.

Species Information

Common Names: gray wolf, lobo (Spanish)
Latin Name: Canis lupus

Gray Wolf Region
Common Names: Mexican wolf, lobo
Location: Sonora, Mexico

Current Wolf Population, Trend, Status
Number of wolves: 1 confirmed
Population trend: n/a
Legal status: Full protection

Human Relationships

Recovery & Management

  • CONANP - Comisión Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protogidas