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Tribal View of Wisconsin Wolf Hunt

Ojibwe tribes look at wolves as teachers that show humans how to live on the landscape, raise young using extended family units, and persevere under persecution. Because of their intertwined fate with wolves, the Ojibwe have always been interested in doing what's best for the wolf, which does not include a public wolf hunt in Wisconsin at this time.

Love Wolves and Hate Coyotes? A Conundrum for Canid Enthusiasts

Coyotes are a lot like wolves. They are territorial, social pack animals, so why are coyotes widely despised while wolves often enjoy an almost mythical status among many wildlife enthusiasts?

With Elk and Wolves, Someone is Fibbing

Predictions that wolves would decimate elk populations in the Yellowstone region have not proven true based on comments posted on the Web sites of outfitters, yet these same outfitters claim wolves have "ruined" the region"s elk herds.


From the Executive Director

The auditorium at the International Wolf Center looked like the paparazzi had arrived and were awaiting royalty. In the early morning of that last day in July, the atmosphere was electric with anticipation of the introduction of our newest wolf pups, Boltz and Luna, to the Exhibit Pack. Suddenly the buzz of volunteers and staff at the observation stations ceased as Boltz and Luna took their tentative first steps into the main enclosure. Within seconds a staccato clicking of camera shutters erupted, breaking the silence of those who anticipated this moment.

Tracking the Pack

    And Then There Were Four…

    On Monday, July 30, the International Wolf Center implemented theintroduction plan for the 2012 pups. They became the newest members of the Exhibit Pack, which now contains four wolves: Aidan, Denali, Boltz and Luna.

Wolves of the World

    Updates From Around the Globe

    The constant battle for and against wolves continues globally. A brief summary of some of what is happening around the world-both to conserve and manage wolves-is presented in this update from around the globe.

Personal Encounter

    Return of the Wolves

    I wake up in the middle of the night. Howling outside of my tent has taken me out of a deep sleep, and I am jolted back into waking life, excited and happy. The family must be really close by. As I am listening attentively and tuning into their presence on the mountain, I am able to discern two different adult voices, probably those of the mother and father of the wolf family.

Wild Kids

    Nine-Year-Old Wolf Enthusiast Hosts Fundraisers
    Elizabeth Burras wants to help wolves. Since the age of five, Elizabeth has dreamed of becoming a veterinarian so that one day she can live in Ely, Minnesota, and help the wolves at the International Wolf Center.

A Look Beyond

    Wild Child, or I Fathered a Wolf Girl

    Recently my daughter and I made the five-hour drive north from our coastal North Carolina home to the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, which is the only place left in the world where red wolves roam wild. We saw a black bear on the trip and later went on the scheduled wolf howl walk with the rangers and, sure enough, when the rangers howled, the wolves howled back, their song more higher-pitched than you would think, like horror movie screams.