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What's New in Wolf Research?

World-renowned wolf expert and researcher Dr. L. David Mech talks with award-winning author Steve Grooms about the latest developments in wolf research, including studies coming out of Yellowstone National Park.

Malberg Mystery

What's going on with the Malberg pack? In the span of two weeks two active radio collars have gone into mortality mode. Could the sibling wolves still be alive?

Should Emotions, Values or Facts Drive Wolf Management?

When competing interpretations, values, emotions and facts are on the table, finding a scientific or technically correct solution to an issue is nearly impossible. That's because science can't select the most "appropriate" set of feelings or values. What can we do then when faced with contentious issues of wolf management?


From the Executive Director

A few months ago I travelled to Thompson, Manitoba. Surrounded by boreal forest, this northern mining community is known for its harsh winters—with temperatures falling so low that automobile and aircraft engine manufacturers test their products there in some of the world's most extreme weather conditions. It's the most northern Canadian city connected by road in the region, where civilization ends and an untamed wilderness begins.

Tracking the Pack

    Has it Been a Year Already?

    W e are nearing the one-year mark of our 2012 pup year with Boltz and Luna. As I've written before, every pup year is different, and the 2012 pups brought many challenges. The first challenge was the early whelping period. With Boltz born March 17 and Luna born March 25, our growth charts from all of our previous litters needed to be modified to offer realistic comparisons. While the 2012 pups initially didn't grow as fast, by 8 months of age, Boltz was nearing 90 pounds (41 kilograms) and Luna had reached 70 pounds (32 kilograms), well on their way to becoming formidable adults.

Wolves of the World

    The End of Little Red Riding Hood: Wolves in Germany Today

    I grew up in the heart of Little Red Riding Hood country in Germany, and my childhood was laced with stories of little girls eaten by wolves, goats conned by wolves, trains stopped by wolves and poor innocent citizens, mostly of Russian origin, getting attacked by wolves left and right. Back then I did not buy into any of these fearsome fabrications and actively cheered for our wolves whenever I got a chance to stand up for them.

Personal Encounter

    Another Successful Hunt

    When Dan and I awoke that August morning we had no idea whether female wolf 06 would have another adventure in store for us in Yellowstone National Park. We headed to the park but did not get far. After driving for about 20 minutes, we came to Round Prairie where the story would unfold before our eyes. Round Prairie is a large, grassy meadow bordered by conifers and the road. A bridge crosses Pebble Creek where it flows into the prairie.

Wild Kids

    Spring, the season full of changes-temperatures rise, trees and plants begin to bud out, animals awaken from their hibernation, and migrating animals return home.

A Look Beyond

    Paying the Cost for a Healthy Earth Home?

    My husband and I are very spoiled by things that money can't buy. We live at the edge of wilderness and take for granted nights when we can step out into a new snowfall and listen to the howls of wolves ricochet across the lake-a peaceful prayer of listening. Yet even these moments of peace draw us into uncomfortable thoughts and questions. What is the true cost of these moments?