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Streaming live video by Ustream

When the screen is black, wolves are unavailable for viewing.

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Retirement Cam

Thank you for your patience while we replace all of the still cameras with streaming cameras. If you would like to support this transition, please consider a donation to the Wolf Care Fund noting your donation in support of web streaming.

Malik and Shadow, arctic subspecies of the gray wolf, were born May 8, 2000. Malik was the lowest ranking male in the Exhibit Pack. He was retired in September 2009, after aggression from Grizzer, the second ranking male, became too intense for Malik's physical safety. Shadow was retired in June, 2010, as he began show to signs of aging that resulted in testing from the younger wolves.

The camera will be visable during daylight hours..

From time to time you may witness qualified Wolf Care Staff providing daily physical checks and veterinary care as well as maintenance to the enclosure.

For the most current information on our wolves, read their wolf logs or watch our weekly YouTube videos.